Intertorco provides superior engineering services and project management for developing and deploying infrastructure in regions with critical and urgent requirements in terms of health, transport, education and industry

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Our goals

Intertorco has clearly established its goals, focusing in the development of the Sudan and South Sudan.

Among other organizations, we are collaborating with the NGO “Against the Poverty“.

The following principles lead the direction of the company:

Proactively assist in the industrialization of these countries.
Improvement of critical services for population, such as: security, health system, education, etc.
Proactively contribute to the economic countries development.
Deploy new infrastructures to improve the quality of life for citizens.
Develop cultural and economic relationships between Africa and America.
Especially, provide help and support for the development of the Darfur area in Sudan.
We are highly commited with the objectives above, therefore, we will work hard to increase the industrial mesh of these countries by employing 100% of native manpower in all our projects. We strongly believe that this is the best path towards the development of a country.

To achieve our goals, we’ll use the cutting-edge of technology, meaning that these countries will be placed in the top positions in economy ranking, converting them in a reference in the whole African continent.

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