Intertorco contemplates agricultural sector as one of main engines economy in a country. By conducting various studies and analysis, we detected the great economic potential which this sector means for Sudan.

That is why what we have designed a system to position the nation as one of the largest agricultural producers into world market.

The strengths in which the proposed system is based are:

Will and government desire to activate this sector.

Soil characteristics and weather conditions.

Farming tradition of native population.

Technical and technological knowledge provided by Intertorco team.

We know and of course we valued and respect the close relationship that native farmers have to their land and crops. Following the implementation of the system, as well as production and as a collateral effect, we also get the population to remain in their original settlements, avoiding the government and individuals themselves the problem that causes large population migrations to industrial, commercial or tourist areas.

As another added value, our proposed system is also respectful with natural environment as well as not attack any of its components; the system itself is designed to prevent burnout and soil degradation, and when this happens, can easily restore it to its natural state. Also minimize soil erosion and recovery its native flora if it is currently impaired.

Therefore, based on the standards and guidelines set by the government agency responsible, we propose our sustainable farming system designed specifically by and for Sudan, aimed at the domestic market and major international markets that allows the country emerge from the current position to top position as major producer of continental-scale and of course consolidate this position.

From Intertorco we have developed a sustainable agricultural system which aims to diversify the engine units of the country economy, away from the risks of basing it on a single sector, underestimating others. No role is to remove the remaining economic operators and categorically assert that in Sudan can and must coexist in perfect harmony the various sectors: primary, manufacturing and industry, tourism and services and the increasingly competitive and vibrant communications sector.

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