Background and History

Torco Energy Corporation was founded by Anthony M. Tortoriello in 1961, a thirty-year

marketer of industrial fuel oils. The Company was established in Chicago City. In 1986, when

the ga industry was deregulated, Torco Energy began selling natural gas, in the spring of 1989

Torco filed a petition with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commision that was approved, in

1996 Torco Energy Marketing, Inc. Was formed a power supply with Cincinnati-based Cinergy

Corp., Torco was part of the Gulf Group since many years ago, working in the oil production

and refining businesses. In 2001 Torco worked in the development and construction of

combined-type power generation plants in many countries , in addition many more projects

were implemented in other Eastern European natios.

Intertorco Europe, S.A. was born from Torco, in 2008, focusing in the electricial & mechanical

engineering field. Intertorco takes the witness of Torco and inherits all its values: market

positioning, policies, functions and Business processes, suppliers, customers relationship

portfolio. With these bases, Intertorco incorporates new technologies, research and

development and opening up new Business markets.


Trading Division History

Intertorco created its Trading division in 2011. Our customers were hear so we arranged the

creation of a department focused in the management of commodities, we provide the best

support to our customers. That’s why we apply our strict “code of Ethics” to all our operations,

As a proof of that, we have been authorized by several US Agencies and Department, for

exporting agricultural commodities to countries such as Sudan, countries in the Middle and

Eastern Africa .

Up to now, we have been granted an important amount of commodities licenses and more in

progress. Thanks to those licenses, an increasing number of customer can profit from high

quality U.S. commodities, such as hard red Winter wheat, or White sugarcane. And most

important crating a transaction fully supported and authorized by key governmental agencies.

Intertorco Oil división:

Grewing our Fuel and Crude Oil business with many Buyers world and Involved in drilling,

pipelines, refineries and modular refineries, exploration of Oil and Gas wells, and suppliers of

Oil derivates .


Other projects:

Solar energy and other “Green” sources, Hydropower plants , fotovoltaic Megaplants, Air

transport, Train and railways , Technical office for projects development: Internal services for

all projects, Architectural and build activities; projects for undevelopment areas; internal

service for all projects, singular projects for development activities; internal services for all


Our core purpose is to ensure we add value to all our customers’ lives. Our staff offers a

quality and reliable service you can count on.


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