This project has been designed based on the idea and the persistent efforts of President, founder and CEO of Intertorco. On behalf of all employees of the organization, thanks in advance.

This city will be built near the city of Khartoum, north zone and will house workers, employees, officials, experts and generally all employees of Intertorco Group, so will have a quality home, with all public services to ensure adequate safety, comfort, health, education and entertainment to all its inhabitants.

Torco City name was thought to recall the name of the company who was born in the middle of last century, city of Chicago in USA, and wich were born Intertorco Europe, Intertorco Sudan, Intertorco USA and Intertorco Group.

The city will consist of a set of single-family houses built in different areas and will have a minimum of two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom and the minimum plot of 200 m2, so it will have own green area.

The houses will be equipped with full equipment for use, as bathroom furniture, living room, bedroom and kitchen fully equipped. Services will have hot and cold water, electric service through off-grid solar panels and will be built with materials made with concrete ​​to ensure its sustainability for many years.

The number of households is estimated between 10000 and 12000 and urbanization will have paved streets, wide sidewalks, street lighting with LED technology and solar panels.

The city will have school services, from child care, basic education, high school and a technology center for technical studies of medium-grade as electricity, mechanics, electronics and everything related to the construction, maintenance and operation of machinery and equipment. Computer courses and languages ​​ are offered so as to reach the education’s right which should enjoy all human beings.

TORCO CITY will be provided with full hospital services where you can meet surgery as maternity and pediatric services, including control of vaccines and special treatments, X rays, oncology, dental care, eye, etc. Of course it will be equipped with an emergency service able to meet any contingency. Occupancy capacity of 400 beds minimum and certainly all of this with no cost to the population.

There will be an area for leisure, sport facilities to play basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, swimming pool and a room for table games, table tennis, cinemas, cafes and facilities for recreation. A small football stadium with bleachers will be built for sporting events with public.

Also, there will be a shopping area where you can buy all kinds of products, food, hardware, appliances, books, clothing, etc. with very affordable prices below the normal commercial price, as its sale does not mean non-profit with the goods sold.

Surveillance services, ambulance services and fire equipment will be supplied to meet any emergency. There will be a government building for type official and banking procedures and where the postal service will be housed.

Public telephone service will be strategically installed throughout the city. The TV will be broadcast on cable, and all homes may have phone service and internet.

Within the public services, there will be daily garbage collection, which will be treated and recycled in a special plant, where will be sorted and recycled.

All the homes and services buildings will have safe drinking water, supplied by purification plants with adequate capacity for the entire population. The sewage will be treated correspondingly to be able to be re-used for industries, for irrigation of parks and gardens, etc.

Outside residential and services area, there will be an area that will house around 300 industries, all of them related to the Group Intertorco, whoever manufactured articles related to the activities of the corporative Group.

All workers and their families shall enjoy social security, lifelong learning for children and courses of improvement and professional preparation for adults and it will be delivered as labor award a basic food basket to each worker every month.

It will build a sports and social center for family and group coexistence whose services will benefit the staff and their families free of charge, and in addition, there will be activities for those who wish to practice them: artistic, sewing and tailoring, languages, theater, dance, painting, sculpture, singing etc.

The main avenue of urbanization will have a 100 m. minimum width. Its median will be equipped with a pedestrian path and a bicycle lane and will also be a breeding ground for continuous production of trees and flowering plants which may require for the embellishment of public and private gardens by way of fostering the planting and care of urban green areas.

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